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by: Dittz Centeno-De Jesus

The first batch of Penso a Te trainees started its initial session of Training of Trainers course held at Reggio Emilia, with the husband and wife- team of trainers , PIER PAOLO FICARELLI and MANUELA PRANDINI. This training is a six-day course distributed over three week-ends from September 25-26, October 9-10 and October 23-24, 2021.

The main goal is to develop the participants not just effective trainers but also as good facilitators through guidance and motivation, promotion of self-awareness and awareness of others as part of the learning community and the family, and through understanding and analyzing basic concepts of experiential learning, participatory approach and concept of facilitation for transformation. The focus of the Training of Trainers program is to prepare the participant to understand how they can effectively lead others towards learning and practicing what they were taught.

The pioneer graduates of the online course who are now into training are : Mercedita De Jesus, Mary Cris Cocjin and Jesusa Biglete from Bologna and Nonieta Adena, Glenda Quintana and Charmaine Plata from Genova. Upon finishing this training, they will be leading the financial literacy course within their communities.

Penso a Te is a non-profit association which promotes financial education as the main tool for social inclusion and personal empowerment. It conducts financial literacy and management training among Filipino women. A total of twenty-one women from Bologna, Genova, Ferrara, Milan, and Dubai have successfully completed the online course and continue its learning thru attending webinars on financial education and women personal finance empowerment. The first batch completed the course from October 2020-February 2021 while the second batch was from March 2021 – June 2021.

Last June, they celebrated their first anniversary and coincided this with the graduation of the second batch . The event was held at the office of Penso a Te in Reggio Emilia.

You can visit their website thru this link .

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